Text Styles

# Asterisk Emphasis

Use single asterisks around text to *emphasise it*.

Or use double asterisks for an **strong emphasis** style.

Asterisk Emphasis

# Underscore Emphasis

Alternatively, you can also use underscores to emphasize:

Wrap text in single underscores to _emphasize it_. Or use double underscores for the alternative __strong emphasis style__.

Underscore Emphasis

# Combined Emphasis

Combining underscores with asterisks lets us mix and match the emphasis styles. Play with it — some themes have additional style options for those combinations:

- _**Style 1**_
- __*Style 2*__
- __**Style 3**__

Combined Emphasis

# The same *styles* work in **headings**, too.

Styling Headings

# More Styles

- ~~Strikethrough~~
- Super<sup>script</sup>
- Sub<sub>script</sub>
- `Inline code`

More Styles