Custom theming

Customization is available in Deckset 2.0. The primary way to customize your slide styles in the UI. However, with the following customization commands, you are able to override and apply styles to individual slides in your Markdown file. Please note that commands always take precedence over the styles defined in the UI.

Text and Headers

To customize the look and feel of your text and headers, you may add customization commands to text, text-emphasis, text-strong, header, header-emphasis, header-strong, slidenumber-style and footer-style with the desired color, alignment, line-height, text-scale, and font.

[.text: #000000, alignment(left|center|right), line-height(10), text-scale(2.0), Avenir Next Regular]
[.header: #FF0000, alignment(left|center|right), line-height(18), text-scale(3.0), Avenir Next Bold]
[.footer-style: #2F2F2F, alignment(left|center|right), line-height(8), text-scale(1.5), Avenir Next Regular]

We recommend using Mac’s native Font Book application to search for fonts.

Background color

To customize the background color of your slide, you may use the following customization command:

[.background-color: #FF0000]


To customize your list styles, you may add customization commands for the list color, bullet-character, and alignment.

[.list: #000000, bullet-character(Custom String), alignment(left|center|right)]


To customize the style of your tables, you may use individual commands for the table separator height, separator color, and separator margin.

[.table-separator-height: 10]
[.table-separator-color: #000000]
[.table-separator-margin: 5]


Deckset automatically picks a random set of colors with high enough contrast against the chosen background color for your code. You may add customization commands for the line-height and font family.

For consistent styles between code blocks and to prevent palette regeneration, use seed number 42 for persistence.

[.code: auto(42), Font Family Name, line-height(4.2)]

Store theme choice in document

Deckset does store the theme choice as metadata to the file. In some cases, this information can get lost, e.g. in version control systems or when sending the file via email.

To make sure the theme choice doesn’t get lost, you can use the following command theme: Fira.

If you also want to specify the color choice, you can reference the number of the color swatch as it appears within Deckset e.g.:

theme: Fira, 3

Please note that this command can only be used globally, at the top of your Markdown file.